A Cup of Green

About Us

“Once you find your purpose in life, it becomes your moral obligation to pursue that passion and calling at all costs.”

This statement clearly describes how A Cup of Green was born. It is an obligation to share, to connect and to reach everyone that we can with ‘whole-isitic’ truths.  Truths that are as simple and important as preparing and eating real foods that grow from the Earth. Not treating symptoms – treating root problems, and making actual use of our divine bodies.  We know the Earth is what we all have in common, it is the home we share and we should keep it clutter-free and clean.  We want everyone to realize that you have more power in you than the power you are paying the electric company for – use that more!

A Cup of Green is all about sharing true green info that we find and learn. We hope that our fans/friends/fellow green-life warriors who tune in will share with us too. The site is here to provide information on sustainable foods, chemical free homes, consumption reduction, etc.; in other words healthy humans on a healthy Earth.

Meet the ACOG team

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